Saturday, October 8, 2011

Shopping in Milan

at the galleria near the Duomo

yellow pants!

the Excelsior department store in Milan was amazing, everything was so new and innovative. What I loved most: the sales associates uniform: a striped shirt and black pants. Best uniform ever!  

Missoni window

my favorite part of Milan was being introduced to another retail concept store called 10 Corso Como. the interior was so much fun and the product they had was amazing. I was able to snap a couple of pictures before someone yelled at me. Complete with a bar, a Ferragamo shoe store, an art gallery, a book store, and a rooftop terrace, it was hard for me to depart with 10 Corso Como. 

looking down at the bar

luckily, the day we visted the store, the editor-in-cheif of Harper's Bazaar UK, Glenda Bailey, was present for a book signing

random, but awesome bags 

we were able to go to some trade shows while in Milan, some of them being Touch Neozone and Cloudnine. There was so much product all around us. It was hard to look at knowning that we were going to have to wait for it to become available for purchase 

pictures from a vintage market along the canal in Milan. I regret not buying a vintage louie....and those multicolored furs! 
We stopped by la RInascente's flagship store in Milan; it is one of the best department stores in Italy! I think the best part of the store was the bar on the top floor. They had any type of food you wanted in addition to the best veiw of the Duomo. 

Cafe Neve, espresso with gelato! 

chocolate shoes! 

view of the Duomo from the terrace

yes they even had sushi, a rarity in Italy

miscellaneous pictures from around Milan! 

10 Corso Como shopping bag, the best design I have ever seen! 

at the train station heading back to Florence

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